Social Worker
“It can help you and your clients become more focused, less anxious and feel more positive about possible outcomes. Pranic Healing helps our clients regain a sense of mastery over their circumstances and empowers them.”
Yoga Teacher
Elena Brower, Mother Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher, Founder and co- owner of Virayoga, New York
“Learning Pranic Healing is very important for every yoga teacher. With these tools teachers can know how to clear unwanted and negative energies from their students and space, and create real comfort for people when they enter their classes".
Allison Eibach, L.P.N. , Davis Dermatology Clinic, Florida
“Since I was introduced to Pranic Healing I have seen amazing healings of wounds and skin rashes. The surgeries in this practice heal so much faster than I have ever seen since we incorporated Pranic Healing.”
Addictions Counselor
Vincent Mills, CASC, EFTADV, Senior Addictions Counselor, New York
“With the tools of Pranic Healing, allowing us to directly effect the energetic system, we can see positive results often very quickly, and patients love the immediate calming yet energizing effects.”
Speech Therapist
Connie Williams, M.Ed., CCC-SLP, Florida
“As a speech therapist with 25 years of experience I have found Pranic Healing to be extremely beneficial for children who have speech, learning and attention problems, and autism.”